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This Website Uses AI to Generate the Faces of People Who Don’t Exist

Not only can AI create realistic videos of people doing and saying things they’d never say nor do in real life, it can generate convincing human faces that never existed in the first place.

Doing this requires some super-expensive and powerful hardware, but now there’s a website that bypasses that requirement: generating a fancy new face is as easy as refreshing your browser with the aptly-named Every time you load the page, an algorithm generates a new human face from scratch.

The website uses an implementation of machine learning known as Generative Adversarial Networks, or GANs. These programs “learn” from a large number of training inputs—say, real human faces—in order to produce new examples. uses code previously released by Nvidia researchers on GitHub.

“Most people do not understand how good AIs will be at synthesizing images in the future,” website creator and software developer Philip Wang told me in an email.

GANs were first introduced in 2014 by computer scientist Ian Goodfellow and colleagues. Since then, they’ve grown more capable and can now generate highly realistic images in shockingly high resolution.

These programs have been used to generate videos of people dancing and to transform summer scenes into winter wonderlands. More distressingly, their ready availability has also led to the creation of fake porn videos known as “deepfakes.”

Wang’s website runs on a rented server with a powerful GPU running Nvidia’s software. “I have it dream up a random face every two seconds, and display that to the world in a scalable fashion,” Wang told me. “Nothing fancy.”

Clearly, GANs are versatile things, but Wang said he wanted to stick with faces. “Faces are most salient to our cognition, so I’ve decided to put that specific pretrained model up,” he said on Facebook.

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Honor Play to be unveiled on June 6, with groundbreaking 4D gaming experience

The Honor brand has a life of its own and its own release schedule. The next event is on June 6 (Wednesday next week) which will bring us the Honor Play. Not much is known about the phone, except the pervasive AI logo.

There’s talk of a “groundbreaking 4D gaming experience” based on AI, thought it’s unclear what that means exactly. The AI will also be in charge of the camera, similar to what we saw on the Honor 10, which in turn means that it could be this device from TENAA – known only as LLD-AL30 for now.

An invite to the Honor Play event on June 6

An invite to the Honor Play event on June 6

It too has a 5.84” screen with 1,080 x 2,280 px resolution and although it is not any thinner or lighter, it has a smaller battery – 2,900 mAh. Clearly the phone will be a lower-cost alternative to the Honor 10 (which is on nearly equal footing with the Honor View 10).

Huawei Honor LLD-AL30 - maybe the Honor Play itself
Huawei Honor LLD-AL30 - maybe the Honor Play itself
Huawei Honor LLD-AL30 - maybe the Honor Play itself
Huawei Honor LLD-AL30 - maybe the Honor Play itself

Huawei Honor LLD-AL30 – maybe the Honor Play itself

Most telling is the camera – the rear dual camera features a 13 MP + 2 MP setup, while the selfie camera has a 16 MP sensor. The memory situation is this: 4 GB of RAM and either 32 GB or 128 GB of storage. There’s no 64 GB model, but there is a microSD slot.

The Honor Play may end up being a different device from this LLD-AL30 model. It really depends on whether the “groundbreaking” experience is true innovation or just marketing talk.

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